Saturday, February 20, 2010


OK, I have several jobs in addition to being the fur hat queen.

One of them is working for a local catering company called
'Something Classic Catering' I love this job because I love the people I work with, the food we serve and the ladies who own the company.

Last night our company owners hosted us (the employees) to a bowling party at George Pappas Park Lanes which is likely the oldest bowling alley in Charlotte. This place is wonderful and reminds me so much of the places I used to go to in Michigan with my Dad who was an expert bowler. He reminded me of Fred Flinstone in his preparation to throw but instead of the tippy-toes, he would do a move much like the Karate Kid standing on the pole.
I took my four year old son Nathan and we had a blast. I actually won one round and also broke 100 which is always my goal. Nathan had a blast too, it was so funny to watch him struggle up to the line with his 8 lb. ball grasped tightly to his chest and drop it. Then sit and wait the 30+ seconds it takes to get to the pins with the ball going 3 miles per hour! The best part was the bumpers that come up when it's his turn so he doesn't have to endure the dreaded gutterball!

Anyhow it was a blast hanging with the co-workers and I'm so grateful for the treat of free bowling! Thanks to Jill and Karen and Something Classic!


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