Tuesday, October 28, 2008

What do my customers have to say about my hats?

check out this link to my Etsy Customer's Feedback:


If you've never been on Etsy stop in and stay awhile.

There are over 150,000 artisans who showcase and sell their work on Etsy.

It's the perfect place to shop and there is no other place on the Internet where you will find such a wide range of unique and beautiful hand made products.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

List the things we love...

This is a recommendation I heard recently for raising your vibration.

I need this today so here goes:

Things I love...

My son
Pens that write in bright colors
Peanut Butter
Beautiful Clouds
Hot Chocolate
Making and wearing costumes
Fake Eyelashes
Loud Music on a great stereo
Ladies who are graceful in their crazily high heels
Anyone with a smile
Complete Silence
Faux fur in all its varieties and colors
Fresh fruit
Hot water at my finger tips
Comfortable platform shoes
Anyone who isn't afraid to be the first person on the dance floor
New Clothes
Vintage Clothes
Taking a nap
Settling in with a great book and plenty of time to read it
Old Movies
Water Skiing on glassy water
Making jewelry
Shrinky Dinks
A beautifully decorated home
Good Design
Great Comedy
Going to the Theatre
Burning Man
Fresh flowers on my desk
Baby animals
Digital Cameras
A fresh pack of water colors and new paper
Cell Phones
Riding my Bike
Long Drives
Magnolia Trees
The Beach
Walking my dog

...there. I feel better already.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Where does the time go!?

I haven't blogged in two months!

Burning Man was incredible. But more incredible was the work leading up to it.

I got over 60 orders from being posted on the JRS resource list on July 11th. It was so great having so many burners excitedly supporting my business. It was my gift and pleasure to make all those hats in preparation for the soul expanding experience that is Burning Man.

But it did wear me out!! Next year I hope to have some assistance! I was surprised that I only ran into a few people in Black Rock City (outside of my camp) who had bought my hats. And even though I prepared a list of people I had corresponded with and noted where they were camping, I'm sad to say, I got out to see none of them!! Oh gosh...there just aren't enough hours in the day or night when I'm there! And this was definitely the most fleeting week to date...I think it was the weather.

The dust storms were so incredible this year. Although, I have to note here that even though most everyone I knew parked their bikes saying the sand was too deep....I didn't have to because I have the BEST BIKE on the playa! thank you to Nage for covering the seat with hot pink luxe fur!! It even matched my camel back!!

It has taken me some time to recover from my busy summer and from Burning Man and I'm starting to feel normal again. Big changes are occurring in my personal life but I know it is because my soul has asked for these lessons so I am approaching them with grace.

Now I gotta go pick up my pets Bianca and Thomas at the vet. Thanks to everyone who ordered hats this week, I'm especially excited about my first customer in Poland! Thank You Jola, I hope your hat gets there soon!