Saturday, July 26, 2008

Playa Gear and links

Are you looking for some more fun stuff to add to your playa wardrobe?

Well, I have a few suggestions, I collect links all through the year and keep 'em on my little wish list...
Here are a few of interest:
I have to put this one first because it's so great: these folks are just plain BRILLIANT!!! I just hope I can meet them some day.
I love this site because they obviously love Bettie Page as much as I do! Lots of fun stuff here:
I got some cool glowy hair clips from this site, and this gal makes incredible wings and beautiful and unique hats:
My favorite place to buy funky platforms is: these are the best prices I've found on the internet and holy moly what a selection!
They also carry some great goggles and sunglasses for cheap! And awesome costume wigs too (if you're partial to gigantic 18th century wigs, that is!) Man, I want that wig bad!! year
Do you like dread falls? I used this tutorial a few years ago to make some for myself:
You can get the wool roving at this link that is pre-dyed, there's a great selection and the prices are good and customer service is great.
I really like using the wool because the dreads look real and they're lightweight. It takes forever though! I made some for myself and then realized why people charge $150.00 for them! I wouldn't do it again for less than $250.00!!! The first year I made them I spent so much time on 'em that by the time I was packing for the playa I didn't even wanna look at them!! Heck, I didn't even bring 'em! But I did finally wear them for Halloween last year.
Oh, and of course I have to include another great hat link:
Now, if you've made it this far I'm going to shamelessly plug my other playa wear site which is only an Etsy store but it works!
I've got a few interesting things there.
Well, I know I got more links somewhere, but that'll do for now, I'm hungry.
Ciao for now!
-Ms Presto

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