Friday, July 11, 2008

oh mannnnn. my email broke.

WoW! my site has been getting a lot of hits but I still got some bugs to work out.

Apparently my email address is down. phooey. Here's an alternate:
There's also a really strange glitch regarding me being able to view my site from my home computer...apparently it has to do with my cache and emptying it and the migration from a pointer site, etc. etc. blah, blah, computer speak...still haven't resolved it but working at it. Lemme know if you find any glitches please.

I've gotten lots of visits 500 or so since my site launched, and lots of orders. Thank you JRS team!!! Thank you Burning Man Community...My Peeps my tribe. I LOVE YOU!!

Neat thing about many of the orders I got yesterday, there was a theme... people with lovely exotic (well, exotic to me anyway), names like Kapila, Joachim, Asta, and Nicoa. cool.

more later.

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