Saturday, July 12, 2008

Half price OLD STOCK sale!

I've changed my opinion . Now, don't start calling me a flip-flopper just because my thinking has evolved!

I used to be convinced that my hats had better lift and definition, and the lining stayed in place better by me sewing the fleece and the fur together in one seam. The downside is that the hat is not reversible because the top and side inside seams show. I used to be fine with it. I now make my hats with a hidden seam, the trade off is that the lining moves more...but now they are reversible. I guess life is full of trade-offs isn't it?

If you wanna see some of these sale hats go to my Etsy site:

Note: all the feedback from customers on the Etsy site is about hats that are done in the old way, people loved 'em even though they weren't reversible.

Also check out my other Etsy site for playa gear I wanted to make but don't necessarily need for my personal playa fashion arsenal:


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